Monday, April 26, 2010

We're moving!

Yep, that pretty much says it all, we're moving... in 11 days!! yikes!!

Mid-March our landlord let us know he was going to be putting our condo up for sale, and told us after our contract was up the end of April we could stay till it sold if we wanted. He's a fantastic landlord, and we really have enjoyed working with him. But after a couple conversations mostly revolving around Zach and making sure we try to find a place in his school boundaries and not being willing to live not knowing if at any time we could be moving in a month we decided we would keep an eye out for rentals, and if something came up we'd go with the flow, not really diving into full blown moving mode. Well after a week (only a week) we found a Townhouse... a perfect townhouse big enough for us to stay a few years, big enough to grow into... and actual storage space! Not to mention that it is just on the edge of Zach's school, but we wont know till mid June if he will be in the same school next year or a new one [totally off topic but I guess they change the boundaries for the Special Ed Preschools every summer depending on where the needs are so even if we were to stay where we are now he could still end up in another school anyways... we decided it was a risk we were willing to take :)] Needless to say we were pretty excited and jumped on it right away, and we move in May 7th!

So this weekend I started packing, I really want to get a jump on it because I KNOW the next 11 days is going to FLY by!! There have been a few empty boxes in the kitchen and Zach found one this afternoon and decided it was the PERFECT size for him to crawl into and proclaim to the world "I cant SEE" with his eyes closed... he's had a blast with it :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Well today I'm one year older, and 2 years away from 30! yikes! It was the funnest Birthday though!! Zach gave me a very sweet card with his cute little hand traced on it :) And my very sweet husband got me a gift card to get new clothes (woo-hoo) now that most all of mine are too big! :) We topped off the fantastic night by going out for a yummy dinner at Chili's with my amazing in-laws :) It was so much fun. I suppose its not so bad adding another year, 28 is going to be a great year!!

Re-Adjustment period...

Zach thoroughly enjoyed his Spring Break... at least the napping part of it! He took 2 hour naps everyday... and he has paid the price for it, pretty much every day since he started back at school this is how we find him about an hour after he gets home from school. This particular day he went into his room to get some more cars and after 10 minutes of silence I went in to check on him and found this :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Zach's fun school friend

So as we were getting ready for bed tonight I was asking Zach if he was so excited to go back to school tomorrow and this was our conversation (by the way I LOVE that we can finally have a conversation!!):

C: Are you so excited to go back to school tomorrow?!?

Z: Can see Jack!

C: Yes, I bet you'll get to see Jack tomorrow

Z: Jack saaaddd (in his sad voice)

C: He might be sad, you guys have had a whole week off of school

Z: Jack happy to see Zachy Maggy!

C: Yes, I bet Jack will be SO happy to see Zachy Maggy! I know I'm always happy to see Zachy Maggy!

Its so cute how much he always talks about his friend Jack.... heck that he even has someone he thinks of as a friend. It's such a big step for my little guy who (before school) would never want to play with any kids, much less talk about them ALL THE TIME!! Its so fun!!

Easter Morning

WE got some fun pictures of Zach enjoying his Easter goodies, but I'm SO mad I didn't take any pictures at our Easter dinner at Annie's house, and even more so that I forgot to get a picture of Zach in his so handsome Easter outfit!! Conference weekend threw me all off!

So here's our baskets before Zach woke up

He was so unbelievably excited that they were Spider Man eggs, he didn't even notice anything else for a little while :)

"Woo-dis" (how he says Lewis, so cute!)

So these next 2 pictures are live-action shots.... He was still so excited about the Spider Man eggs that he started shaking them faster and faster, and just as I was starting to tell him not to shake them too hard...

One of them popped open and M&M's went EVERYWHERE!

He had to name off every Dragon by name :)

Figuring out his new Leap Frog Scribble & Write... He has been a big fan of it, and I'm all for any fun way to get him to practice writing his letters :)

Serenading us with a lovely song :)

After quite a long nap, we went up to Aunt Annie's house for Easter Dinner, and had such a fun time being with family we don't get to see as often as we'd like to! Zach had so much fun showing Aunt Annie and Great Grandma Waters his Dragons, and telling them all of their names. We put him in his Easter Outfit that my Grandma sent up for him, and it was SO cute, he looked so grown up! I'll have to make sure I get a picture of him in it Sunday before Church because I just love it!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggstreme!

This morning we got up and headed out to the Easter Eggstreme up at Thanksgiving Point, we had such a a fun time last year we had to go again! We got there early this year and were about to avoid the hour line we got stuck in last year!! Zach had a blast running around the grassy areas, and went straight to the huge bouncy slide thing... much to my surprise he really wanted to go up it. So we got in line and when it was our turn he climbed right up and headed for the stairs... at which point he started to get really nervous so we asked if he wanted help to go up to the top and he politely said NO get down, down! So kudos to him though, I didn't even expect him to get that far!! Maybe by next year he'll be ready :)

Then we moved on over and got Zach a balloon sword, which he loved so much, and managed to karate chop me & Joe with for the next couple hours :) As we were waiting for the Easter Egg Hunt to start he let go of it and the wind caught it and it flew down across the field, which Zach thought was hilarious, but we managed to chase it down! :)

When it finally started Zach had so much fun finding eggs, and was so proud to count his six eggs!! (and the 1 rock he found & loved!) He is so stinking cute!!

We had such a fun time and even though we were pretty much frozen popsicles when we left, I'm so glad we went... Its so much fun for Zach to have these experiences!!