Saturday, September 25, 2010

melts my heart!!

I sure do love my Zachy Maggy!! He always says the funniest, cutest things, and some of them just melt my heart... his latest thing is coming up with some duo that we are... SO for example today when I put him down for his nap he says "I so love you Spiderman" which then means I say " I so love you Venom" :) It is so cute... we've been Spiderman & Venom, Spiderman & Green Goblin, Batman & Flash, Iron Man & War Machine, Curious George & Man in the Yellow Hat (i never get to be George though!) and Optimus Prime & Bumblebee...

It cracks me up every time, and sometimes when he throws in a new one it takes me a second to think of who the opposite would be :) I sure do love this kid!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Yikes, it's not like I'm very good at updating the blog on a regular basis as is but now it's probably going to be a lot less likely!! :) I just started back at BYU this semester... my 8 yr long semester off has officially ended :) I'm kind pretty excited and since I'm going at night it's probably going to be a few years before I'm done... but it's been kind nice being back at it :) keep your fingers crossed for me... I think I'm gonna need it :)

here & there... round & about...

Fun pics from around and about the house!! :)
Zachy Maggy was so proud of himself for writing the letter Z!!

This is what happens when you think your 4 year old is playing nicely upstairs in his room...
Sleepy War Machine taking a quick snooze...
Some very rare mommy & zachy snuggle time!!
writing his letter B's!!!

On Labor Day we finally made it up to the Living Planet Aquarium!! We've been trying to get up there for a long time, but it never seems to work out with our schedules!! Zach thouroughly enjoyed himself, he especially loved the fish tanks!! :)

"It's a REALLY big froggie!!"

Zach really wasn't sure how he felt about petting the mantaray's... he kept patting the water, so they kept sqimming by but when they would get close he would pull his hand out & wave :)


It was a great trip!! Fun was had by all, and I'm so glad we finally made it up there!!

First Day of Preschool!!

Another year, and another First Day of School!! Zach was SO excited to go back to school, and has been dying to wear his new Iron Man backpack!!

His new teacher is so great, he really seems to like her a lot!! He did so great at drop off, in fact he just waked right in put his backpack away and ran off to play!! MUCH better experience than the first day of school last year!! :)

a little Halloween sneak peak...

While at Costco we happened upon this lil guy and Zach decided he needed it for his Halloween costume!! Look of for War Machine this Halloween!!

Trout Grandkids photo shoot!!

While my Mom & Katie were up visiting we took the opportunity while all 5 of the grandkids were together to take a few shots of them (since they are all so stinking cute!!)

It was literally Zach's worst nightmare, (he is terrified of babies for whatever reason, so to be surrounded by 4 of them was a lot all at once!) but we were able to bribe him with m&m's & sprinkle doughnuts and Lacie's mom did SUCH a great job of getting them while they were smiling/looking at the camera!!

All 5 Trout grandkids!!

Then Shauna took pics of all of them by themselves, and they all turned out so cute, but I just LOVED these ones of Zach!! :)

The true sign of lots o' babies!

Another Grandma Trout visit!?!?!?!

About a week after my parents came up for Anderson's blessing my mom and Katie came back up to bring Kasaundra & the twins home :) It was so fun to have her stay with us!! Zach especially loved having her here :) And while she was here she made us some SUPER CUTE curtains!! Then we were able to have everyone over for dinner :) It was so fun to have everyone over & get to spend some time together with all of these cute babies there are these days!!

Everyone over for a big family dinner :) (minus my dad, stephen & nathan)

Joe sneaking in a little Anderson time, its hard getting that cute little guy all to yourself!