Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day out with Thomas

Memorial day weekend we were SO excited to take Zach to the Day out with Thomas that comes up to the Heber Valley Railroad. He had become very much a lover of trains, and therefore Thomas over the last year or so :) The night before, we told Zach that in the morning we were going to go see Thomas, and he was so excited he took quite a while to fall asleep, lol and then woke up pretty early :) We purchased the train ride tickets for the earliest train, hoping to beat the crowds, and it worked!! It was a fairly uncrowded train, and so were the other activities they had. Zach was so excited to see the life sized Thomas, and kept calling him toot toot. But when it came time to actually get on the train he wasn't so excited, lol. So he was pretty snugly the first 15 min of the train ride, then he started to warm up to it, and got excited. Afterwards he got to take his picture with Thomas, which he was way excited for and sat happily while he got his picture taken. Then we went over to the "Imagination Station" where they had 4 or 5 train tables set up, to which Zach was SO excited to play at, lol.. he even played at tables where there were other kids, which is huge for him (at toys r us when he is playing with the train table, if even 1 other kid walks up he walks away). Then we did a couple other of the activities, and went to see the big Thomas train 1 more time and then we headed home, with 1 very happy little boy, a couple of new trains, and lots of memories!

March for Babies '09

On the 16th, we had the pleasure of embarking on our Annual March for Babies walk. It was so exciting to go again, and for Zach to be old enough to walk this year on his own!! What a remarkable thing it is to see so many preemies there, in all stages of their preemie-hood. This year was the biggest year we have been to, last year there were maybe a couple hundred people, and i believe this year there were around 500 adults and 100 children!! How great it is that the word is getting out!! We were luck enough this year to have many friends & family join us and so a big thanks to Dave & Linda, and Bobbie & Kaylin (who drove up from Spanish Fork to walk with us for the 3rd year in a row!!!) and also Jen from my visiting teaching trio came with her family, so again thanks to those who could join us, and thanks to those who were there in thoughts!! This is a cause that means the world to us :)

If you would like to donate, its not too late!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mothers Day (im a little slow getting to this!!)

Mothers Day this year was great!! Zach and Joe let me sleep in to the grand hour of 8:30 which was so exciting!! Joe & Zach were anxious to get the ball rolling so we did presents before breakfast! Zach made me (with the help of myself, lol) a cute picture frame for the fridge and Joe got me Bride Wars (which he even watched with me!). Then Joe made some yummy french toast while I got some snuggle time in with Zach and curious george :) It was such a fun day to just spend with my boys!! I'm so grateful to have such a great little boy, it really does make being a mommy so easy :) and I'm eternally paranoid the next child will be a demon because Zach is so easygoing, hehe. I cant hardly even remember life without Zach, without waking up to his cute voice on the monitor, and see his smiling face when I get him up. Hearing him running down the hall calling for "mom-mom-mom-mom" when he needs help with something. I truly have been so blessed with such an amazing little man :) i LOVE you Zach!!

After Zach's nap, we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Magleby's for Dinner, and Zach gave Grandma her flowers he made :) It was a beautiful day so we were able to go out and play after dinner, and Zach was able to get in some good running :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chocolate milk and cameras dont mix..... until you get a great new camera out of it!!!

SO with exactly 4 weeks to go until our trip to Europe Zach somehow managed to spill chocolate milk on our camera.... which ya know, who needs a camera in a foreign country.... right? Well it was a major bummer at the time. So with mothers day & memorial day coming up, we figured if there was a time for it to break, now would be good, we were sure to find some good camera deals... and as Autumn mentioned, at least it didn't happen, and us not realize it until after we got off the plane!

So last week we searched the ads, and decided on a similar camera to what we had previously and were all set to get it, but during a stop at Costco we checked out their cameras, and I'm SOOO glad we did!! We found an AMAZING camera, for the same price we were planning on paying for the other camera!! We ended up with a Sony Cybershot DSC-H10.. and it has been SUCH an amazing camera... even Joe is taking pictures with it!

Some recent happenings :)

Then the other day, it was SO beautiful outside we decided to have a dinner picnic at the park, and it was SO fun! We really need to take more advantage of living so near to an amazing park!! Zach had a blast running around, so much fun, in fact, that he never really sat down to eat he would take a bite and run around, then take another bite and run around some more :) After we were done eating we walked around the pond in the middle of the park to look at the ducks (which several times Zach tried to climb into the pond to get to). At one point we heard a loud SPLASH and then noticed someones dog had jumped in the pond, and was chasing the ducks, lol. It was very entertaining to watch :)
Zach was really excited he heard a plane in the sky!
Bye Bye ducks!