Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fishy Fun

Zach is still enamored with his fish (2 weeks later, lol) on Saturday morning i was making breakfast and he HAD to get up at the table to watch the fish swimming around, they're a lot more active than i remember Bets' being... maybe because there are 2 of them? (they are separated by a divider, but in the same tank). He just kept pointing to each one saying "boo", "geen" and back and forth and back and forth until breakfast was ready, lol.

This one is "Geen"
and this one is "Boo" (Blue)

Also, Tuesday was Grandpa Spike's funeral, which was so beautiful, and Zach (bless his little heart) did SO well, was so behaved, i couldn't have even dreamed he would have done so well. Well needless to say by the time we got home around 2:30ish he was SOO Tired!!

Also, yesterday i was trying to catch up on all our shows we've missed this week (and clear out the poor super full DVR) and Zach was insisting that he watch "Boo" and i just cant resist when he says please so much, lol... So we compromised and i put Monsters on the Portable DVD player for him.. he was in HEAVEN!! He just laid there watching it laughing hysterically, like he was in how own little world, lol :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

We'll miss you Grandpa Spike

Joe's Grandpa Spike passed away last night. We will miss him greatly. We're so glad that we had the chance to take Zach up to see him a couple of times, and we will cherish the photos we have of the 2 of them forever. Zach and Spike always seemed to have kindred spirits, for those of you who know Zach well, you know he will NOT jsut go to anyone, especially people he doesnt know, and especially to men, lol... But he always went right to Spike. We'll miss you Grandpa Spike!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lots of Stuff!! Zoo, Big boy bed: we've been busy!!!

Wow, i feel like i havent gotten on here in a while to update... its been a crazy busy (in fun way) 2 weeks :)

First off, last Friday we decided to take Zach up to Hogle Zoo. In the million times we've driven past it since he's been born, we've never gone. So we decided to get there at opening time (9) so that we would have a bettr chance of seeing more before Zachs nap time and he got all cranky. We got there around 9:30, and there were literally 10 cars in the parking lot... awesome! It was like we had the Zoo to ourselves, lol. It was rather chilly at first, but it warmed up a little before we left. Zach's most favorite animal of the day was the Cougar, hands down. He had SO much fun "roaring" at it, and following it around. He thought it was the greatest thing in the world. His favorite animals were (after the cougar of course) the giraffe's, the black bears, the elephants, the gorilla, and of course the random geese walking around!. Hs least favorite... the warthog/pig thing, the rhino's (they started fighting and scared the crap outta him, lol), the reptiles.. he wasnt too interested in any of them, lol. He had SO much fun chasing the geese around the park. They would randomly show up here and there, and he jsut thought they were so fascinating. A couple of times I had to tell him to not get too close because I was afraid the goose was going to turn around and snap at him, lol.

Then this weekend we took Zach to pic out his very First pet!! We got 2 Beta fish he singlehandedly picked out... He got a blue one, which he aptly named "Blue!" and a Pink colored one which he named "Geen!!" (which is how he says green, and which is his second favorite color to guess after blue :) He loves watching them swim around, and has had many conversations with them while he eats his breakfast.

Also, this weekend, we moved Zach out of his crib and into his "big boy" Toddler Bed. And as worried as I have been the last couple months about making the transition, he has done SO great with it. He absolutely LOVES his big boy bed, he loves crawiling into it all by himself!

He immediately set-up his cars on the foot of his bed :)

The first night he did great, slept all night long, and I was surprised to wake up at 8 am and hear he was still asleep, so I got up to go see him asleep in his big boy bed only to walk in an not see him in his bed, but his blanket in a pile on the floor and him nowhere to be seen. Now I had jsut woken up and I didnt have my contacts in either (and for those of you who know me so well you know i am literally blind without them) So I start to freak out, because where is Zach?!? Its not like he can open doors yet, so he couldnt have left his room, so I get down on the floor thinking maybe he rolled under his bed somehow, only to find him right next to his stuffed animal basket (literally right in front of my face) on the floor, compeltely passed out :) Cute lil guy, you would think his bed would be more comfortable than the floor, but it must have been exciting to have the option of sleeping on the floor ;) The second night he did fall out of bed in the middle of the night, but since then he hasnt :)

We found him a cute set of Cars sheets and he LOVES Mater on his pillow :)

And even at nap time (which i was the most worried about) he hasnt gotten out of bed to play, except for the first day where half an hour into nap time i couldn hear him wrestling around, so i looked into his room to find he had pulled all of his stuffed animals onto his bed and found a flashlight and was shining it on the wall, lol. So i told him it was time to lay down, took the flashlight away, and he has done great ever since! I cant believe my baby is getting so big so fast!! And that he really isnt a baby anymore! Such a bittersweet feeling!!