Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pee-Pee in the Potty!!!

My mom is in town (horray!) and i was mentioning to her that the last 3 mornings when Zach has woken up his diaper has been dry and then he pee's sometime after he wakes up. So she suggested I get him a little potty and put him on it in the mornings so he could kinda get the hang of it. So I was a little skeptical, so I told her if he woke up the next day (today) with a dry diaper again what the heck, I would go get one... if he didn't use it now, he would later! So today he woke up, dry diaper :) So this afternoon we went and got a potty for him, brought it home and got it all set up in the bathroom, and I had to go myself so I thought I would put him on his potty when i was, so he could kind of associate the two things. Well, he LOVED sitting there, he sat there for a good 5 minutes, just happy as could be, and he reached for the toilet paper and wanted some :) SO after 5 min I got him up and noticed he had pee'd in the toilet!! He was SO proud of himself!! I couldn't believe it!! SO now we are going to work on his signs for needing to go potty so he can let me know, we'll see how he does with it, if he wants to great, if he doesn't great, I'm not really going to push him but he sure seems to like it!! So keep your fingers crossed for us!! :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Imagination Movers

So there is this kids group called the Imagination Movers that Zach LOVES, its pretty fun catchy kid music... (joe things they're creepy, lol) but anyways. They have a new show starting on the Disney channel on saturdays starting in Sept and so they have songs on inbetween shows right now to promote it.. well today we were watching Little Einsteins and the song came on afterwards and Zach had been back in his bedroom playing ... well half-way through the osng i think he realized it was on and he came FLYING down the hall as fast as he could bum scoot and proceded to "dance" as well as he could while bum-scooting and basically circled the room laughin for the rest of the song pausing every now and then to watch... We ended up rewinding it 5 times to watch.. at the end of the video Zach turns around and does the sign for more (where he brings his hands together) so yeah we watched it a lot, lol.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Zach's a walking Pro!

So, yesterday Zach decided that he wanted to walk... not jsut a few steps... from one side of the living room to the other... and then turn around and do it again, over and over and over :) And of course i couldn't find the camera so later in the night i was able to find the camera, but he was starting to slow down a little bit by then! :) He was quite proud of himself to say the least! :) Dont mind all the backround noise we have family in town so there were 9 people in the living room, so its kinda loud :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Calling!

I got a new calling Sunday, I will now be in the Enrichment Planning Committee... woo hoo :) lol, I'm just glad I'll still be able to stay in Nursery with Zach for a little bit longer :) Joe's excited so now he and Zach can have "Man's Night" once a month when I'm at Enrichment (i figure I'm on the committee so i better start going!).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Walking Walking Walking!!

So Zach is becoming more courageous with his walking... this week he has taken quite a few more steps on his own away from us!! I don't really have much of it on video however because anytime i move for the camera he immediately sits down and laughs.. sneaky devil!!

We took him to Build a Bear on Thursday for the first time (we had been hoping to go for his B-day but just never made it over!) and he loved it [at first] he had fun looking at all of the different animals and chose the monkey then we went and picked the monkey noise which he thought was pretty funny and then we went over to fill it and (having never been there before) we let him step on the pedal to fill it.. big mistake!! it was pretty loud & sounded like the vacuum (which he is deathly afraid of!) and the kid jumped up so high and literally started shaking and crying.. poor guy :( so Joe took him over to look at the clothes for him wile we finished filing it... then he came back over and picked out a heart for his monkey and kissed it (so cute!) then we decided on some Batman pj's for his monkey (since Zach has some as well, its too cute!) So all in all it was a pretty good trip! I was worried he wouldn't want anything to do with it after the filling, but as soon as we got home he pulled it out of the box and started to tickle him, lol.

Also we had a fun get together tonight with Joe's parents and his sister Katie before she has to fly back to Virginia sun morning [ :( ] We had a fun dinner and Zach proceeded to wear everyone out walking them all over the yard, around the house, and he finally overcame his fear of the grass!! he was LOVING it tonight!!

So here is Zach with his new beloved Monkey (which he took to bed last night :) and then from this afternoon playing with his Dino's :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

crazy week!

So what was supposed to be a chill, back to reality week turned out to be pretty crazy, well towards the end of the week it did :) To start off the end of the week madness, Zach decided to try climbing out of his crib for the first time Thursday when he woke up from his nap... It was all quiet, i was reading a book, then i hear thump, thump, boom from Zach's room and i was in there so fast, scared the hell outta me! He was laying on the floor about a foot away from his crib, and the only thing i can think was that he had dropped his pacifier out the side (which i found on the floor not too far from him) and tried to go get it... I'm still not sure how he did it, he doesn't even climb things yet, but he managed somehow, we took the wedge out from under the mattress (that we had for him during the winter) thinking maybe that had it just enough where it was high enough for him to try and get out? i have no idea... but he was OK, we watched him like a hawk for the rest of the night, no signs of a concussion, he did nave a little scrape/bruise on his arm, and then a little bump on his forehead, both of which were gone by the morning, and he hasn't *knock on wood* tried to do it again... thanks heavens...

Then there has been this HUGE Magleby family reunion going on this week, i think it started on Thursday, and went through today. We haven't been able to get to most of is because Joe worked Friday till 3 then we did a quick shopping trip and went over, and today we went over for a little bit in the morning and stayed until Zach looked like he was starting to get sleepy, and boy were we right, he was passed out in his car seat before we even got halfway home!! :)

Needless to say its been a relaxing night and we're looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow! woo-hoo!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

i've been tagged!!

A tag is always fun! My friend tagged me, so I better participate, as you better too, because I am tagging you!It’s simple. Just fill in the blank with your CURRENT favorite and post it on your blog. Then leave a comment on the blog of the person who tagged you so they know you fulfilled the tag. Tag 5 friends and be sure to leave a comment on their blog, too, so they know they’re ‘it’.

My favorite color: PINK! (but a brighter shade than this!)

My favorite movie:

The Notebook

My favorite TV show:

Thats a really hard choice.. there are so many i love.. my newest love would be Dexter.. as well as the old favorites, LOST, Grey's Anatomy, The Office :)

My favorite song:
well, i love music so that changes almost on a weekly basis... for now its Lullaby by The Spill Canvas
"Lullaby"It's the way that you blush when you're nervous.It's your ability to make me earn this.I know that you're tired, just let me sing you to sleep.It's about how you laugh out of pity,'Cause lets be honest I'm not really that funny.I know that you're shot, just let me sing you to sleep.If you need anything, just the say the word.I mean anything.Rest assured, if you start to doze, then I'll tuck you in,and plant my lips where your necklaces close.It's those pills that you don't need to take,medicating perfection, now that's a mistake.I know that you're spent, just let me sing you to sleep.It's your finger and how I'm wrapped around it.It's your grace and it keeps me grounded.I know that you're weak, just let me sing you to sleep.If you need anything, just the say the word.I mean anything.Rest assured, if you start to doze, then I'll tuck you in,and plant my lips where your necklaces close.While you were sleeping I figured out everything,I was constructed for you, and you were molded for me.Now I feel your name, coursing through my veins.You shine so bright it's insane, you put the sun to shame.(Oh)If you need anything, just the say the word.I mean anything. (I really do)Rest assured, if you start to doze, then I'll tuck you in,and plant my lips where your necklaces close.If you need anything, just the say the word.I mean anything.Rest assured, if you start to doze, then I'll tuck you in,and plant my lips where your necklaces close.
Macaroni Grill :) yum!

My favorite vacation spot:
really honestly and truthfully i jsut love to go down to california! :)

Favorite indulgence:
hmm... i guess getting a pedicure... i love it... doesnt happen often enough!! :)

My favorite snack:
sweedish fish

My favorite season:

My favorite dessert:
strawberry shortcake or some sort of chocolate cake :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn!!

First of all, yes as everyone knows i have a major addiction to the twilight series :) For those who don't know, it is a series of 4 books, which are Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. They are fantastically amazing and you can look it up to get all the good stuff about it... So, Breaking Dawn came out today, and they were having midnight release parties at Barnes & Noble and Borders, but i didn't really want to go to one of those by myself, and then i found out my AMAZING sister in law would be here for the release, so we decided we wanted to go, and then after the wedding we decided never mind we would get it in the morning. Well cut to last night when JT & Kasaundra came over, we decided we did want to go after all and get it at midnight so we called b&n and they weren't taking reservations anymore. So we decided to head over to WalMart and pick it up at midnight, there probably wouldn't be a line and we could get it quickly and head home to read.

So at 11:30 we got to WalMart and MUCH to our surprise there was a HUGE line, so we found our way to the end of it, and as one of the employees came by he told us we were probably about the 350th persons in line but they had ordered 1800 books so we were totally fine.. after a while the line started to move and HORRAY we got our books!! We got home about 12:30 and i stayed up to read till about 3 :) needless to say it has been AMAZING and not at all what i had expected to happen so far! cant wait to finish!! Horray for such a great sister to share my addiction and make it such a fun thing! :) Thanks Kasaundra!! And yes, we are dorks, we took pics of the line and after we got our books! :) here they are!

the line in front of us (which went as far forward as you can see, then towards the front of the store to the customer service desk, we were back at the back corner where the baby clothes are for those who know the layout of our walmart :)

the line behind us (we were at the very back of the store and it went all the way up to the front and out the door!)

us with our books :) so happy! (and tired!)

Friday, August 1, 2008

2 Year Checkup

Zach had his 2 year checkup today, which of course he pretty much cried all the way through (poor kid is going to be terrified of doctors for the rest of his life!) Other than the crying he did really well. Dr Johnson said that every time he sees Zach he is jsut amazed at how well he is doing. He was shocked (in a good way) to hear Zach had been discharged from his Occupational Therapy and said that Zach has completely changed his views on 24 weekers (even though Zach is a 23 weeker) by the fact that he is doing SO much better than the other ones he sees :) horray!! SO that was great news! He did get a shot (which i was HOPING he wouldnt need) but it was the last one he would need until he starts kindergarten! :) yea! And normally after the 2 year checkup you dont need to go in until your 3, but he is going to want to see Zach at 2 1/2 for a developmental checkup. SO for the info

Weight: 24 lb 6 oz (8%)

Length: 33 3/4 in (28%)

Head Circ: 46.9