Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Normandy Part 2

The next stop on our D-Day trip was to Point du Hoc. It was so amazing to see how straight up those cliffs are in person. And amazing how it seems time has stood still there, the bunkers, the craters in the ground from the explosions, it is fascinating.

Point du Hoc

Inside one of the old German defences, was this nasty old room, I wasn't even quite sure what was inside the doorway since it was pitch black but just stuck the camera in, and this was what was in there. Thankfully Dan came down and was prepared with a flashlight so we were able to look around (even though it was quite stinky, lol)

Ben & Emily went through one of the tunnels, and popped up here like a cute little set of gophers :)

A kind of overview of the land from the top of one of the old German defences

Zach checking out "Sarge" and the motorcycle attached to it

Utah Beach

Down on Utah beach.... family members, see the seashells I am holding... those were your souvenirs, shells I had picked up for each of you from Utah beach.... and then I forgot them in the rental car (oops)... sorry about that, but at least you know I thought about you ;)

As we were leaving we noticed this sand sculpture, beautiful.

Zach rockin' out on the iPod on the way back to the Hotel! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bayeux, France

So after our first day in Paris we rented a couple cars, and drove down to Bayeux. On the drive down I was in the back seat with Zach and after he passed out Edward Cullen & Twilight kept me company until I fell asleep, lol. Thank heavens for the iPod! ;)

After we got settled into our rooms, we went to see the Bayeux Tapestry, which was so neat to see in person! (no pics are allowed, so to see if check out the website

After the Museum we wandered around near the hotel and explored.

While we were out exploring we grabbed a crepe, and Zach LOVED his first real French Crepe! (as you can tell, he was too busy watching Cars to smile for the camera!)

That night we headed out in search of a restauraunt that was big enough for our large group of 10. It was so beautiful walking around down there, like its own littlw world, it was beautiful!

What a fun first day in Bayeux