Monday, December 15, 2008

March for Babies '09!!

Yikes i cant believe its already time, yet here we are again!! Time to start getting ready for the March of Dimes March for Babies '09! This year our walk in Provo will be May 16th, 2009! And (for those who remember the walk 2 years ago) it will be in Provo Canyon again this year!! (i know your excited for that Bobbie!!)

If you would like to join our team and walk with us (which we would LOVE for you to do!!) you can click on the badge in the upper right side of our blog here, and sign up!! Also in a little incentive to sign up early, Farmers is donating $25 to the March of Dimes for every walker who signs up before December 31st!! If you would like to walk, but aren't in our area, you can go to to find your local Walk!!

Thanks again to everyone who continues to support us and the March of Dimes!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving Point Lights!!!

So Friday was a CRAZY day, most anything that could go wrong did, lol. First Joe had to take his car in to get the Heater fixed, the know wouldn't turn to heat and with the cold coming this weekend we REALLY needed to finally get it fixed... So he took the car in first thing when it opened Friday morning. After a couple hours they finally had it looked at and told him it was 1 of 2 things but they couldn't be 100% sure, but if we took the car to their Sp. Fork garage they are more specialized for heaters there or something. So while Joe waited for his mom to come over to follow him to Sp Fork to drop it off (i was here with the kiddos) I google'd both of the things the guy said that could be wrong to see if i could get some kind of idea for the cost. I found someone who actually had the same problem with the same year and model car as Joe, and a guy had replied to his question with what the problem was, he had the same thin happen to him.
So I called Joe back and had him tell the guy to check the air flow vent cable. Meanwhile i decided to call the dealership and explain to them what was going on with it (since it seems to be a common thing with this car) and he knew right what I was talking about and said oh yeah, its about $600 to fix. And right about then i had a small mental breakdown in my head! Who on Earth has an extra $600 laying around 2 weeks before Christmas!! Not us, we're done shopping its all wrapped, no going back now!! lol. So for the next 15 minutes i was sitting on the verge of crying while the kiddos were coloring, and then Joe called me back and said it was the cable that needed to be replaced after all and they could replace it (and the non working headlight) for $138.. DONE! apparently the cable is snagging on something when it is moved back and forth from the cool to the heat and that is what caused it to break, and to figure out what is wrong with that requires them to take the whole dashboard out, and so that is what would cost $600... so he showed Joe how to manually move the cable underneath the dash so it isn't snagging to buy us some time, thank heavens for them!

If anyone is looking for a good, honest mechanic definitely call Clegg's Automotive, they have a garage in Provo, and Sp. Fork and they are FANTASTIC!!

So basically they had told us the car would be done by 2:30 and we were planning on going over to pick it up, then do a quick grocery trip and leave at 5 to head up to Salt Lake to take Zach to see the lights at Temple Square. Well 2:30 rolls around, and Joe called to check on the car.... they still hadn't received the part from Salt Lake... so we decided to go grocery shopping and then hopefully the car would be done by 4:45 and we could be on the road by 5... well, 5 rolls around and still nothing, so we called again and they apologized and apologized, they had JUST gotten the part from Salt Lake and they were going to stay late and would be done with it by 5:30 and we could pick it up then... So we got there at 5:30, and by the time we got back up to Orem, dropped off the other car at home and got on the freeway it was about 6 and we were in bumper to bumper traffic.. so frustrating!

So as we were finally rolling up to Thanksgiving Point (40 min later!) i remembered that they have a driving through lights show there! So we got off the freeway and drove over, and found where to go, and it was THE CUTEST thing I've been to. Basically its a good half hours worth of driving through all these lights, HUGE set up lights Zach just LOVED it, so we listened to our Christmas music and looked at lights all from the warmth of our newly fixed heater! It ended up completely making up for the rest of the craziness of the day! We decided its going to have to be a new Christmas tradition to do that! And it was only $7 per car! SO worth it, i recommend it to anyone!! it goes through the 27th of Dec i think. We're hoping to make it up to see the Temple Square lights this coming week :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ive been Tagged!! Picture time!!

Ok, so, Instructions: Upload the 4th picture from your 4th album or file and tell about it. Then tag 4 people to do the same

Alright!! So fun!! Well this is Zach (obviously) and this is from the first time we put him in his Exersaucer. Surprisingly he liked it a lot, although since he had such short little legs, even with it on the lowest possible setting his feet were still a good 3 inches from the bottom, so we had to fold up a couple of blankets and put them under his feet, so that they touched something! :) He was 7 months old at the time (3 mo adjusted) He was really happy in that thing, it became one of his favorite places over the next year!! We definately got our moneys worth out of it! (Well Grandma's money's worth since it was a gift form her :)

Alright, so I tag Bobbie, Autumn, Melissa, and Jan :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

2 Years Ago Today!!

So I just realized its December 6th!! And that means that 2 years ago today Zach came home from the hospital. I cant believe its been so long, yet it seems like it was just yesterday!!

On December 5th, 2006 we had done an overnight stay in one of the hospital rooms with Zach so we could get a hang of the heart monitor and to make sure he was on the right amount of oxygen with the home oxygen tank... and to make sure we got a hang of his feedings before we left. We were originally told that we would do 2 of the overnights, and then go from there, depending on how well he did. Well that night he did great, he drank all of his bottles, no problem, his 02 stayed steady, and he didn't have any apnea/bradychardia. So we left the hospital, after the nurse came to get him, and we went out to grab some breakfast and then head home to shower before going back to the hospital. Well, Joe was outside grabbing stuff out of the car when i got a phone call from Zach's nurse. She said "hey, we were wondering if maybe you would want to take Zach home today instead of tomorrow, what do you think?" and I did a little "Squee" like a 12 yr old and said "absolutely we will be right over, lemme go check with Joe" :) He of course said, "Seriously! Of course we'll bring him home today!!" So we did a quick last minute shopping trip to make sure we had everything we needed for him, and everything we would need so we wouldn't have to go anywhere for a while and went over to the hospital. About 6 grueling hours later (it felt like YEARS since we were just waiting and waiting!) after watching a few videos, checking out with the nutritionist, my lactation consultant, the occupational therapist and what felt like everyone else in the hospital Zach got to come home! We dressed him, made our rounds to say bye to all of our new family, Respiratory Therapists, RN's, Neonatologists. Then we walked him out to the car, saying goodbye to Tammy (his nurse the night he was born) and were on our way home! (all the way across the street, lol) We even joked in the car and said "Hurry! before they make us take him back inside!!" lol.

It was such a strange and exciting feeling to walk in the house with him! After months of coming home alone he finally came with us! He has been such a joy and blessing ever since, and I cant believe the last 2 years have passed so quickly!

Shoe Shopping with a 2 year old...

Well, we've been meaning to get Zach new shoes for a week or so and finally made it out last night to the mall (since I had to drop off my ring anyways) and at first he did well with it, he liked looking at all the shoes, and then when it came time to try a pair on, that was when the tantrum started... and then we needed to try the next size up from that and by the time we finally finished the poor kid was a snotty, teary mess... you would have thought he was at the Dr for the tantrum he was throwing. But he ended up with a size 8, I cant believe it, his shoes before were a size 5, poor kid... I had no idea the other ones were so tight! So needless to say he should be walking a lot happier now!

After the debacle at the shoe store we decided to check out the Disney Store, and he picked out the CUTEST little Wall-E.... he passed up a Lightning McQueen for it, which if you know him is HUGE! He spent the rest of the night saying Wall-E and holding it with a death grip, lol :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's begining to feel a lot like Christmas...

So now that Thanksgiving is over, we broke out the Christmas Tree and other decorations. Zach had a lot of fun helping us decorate the tree (at first then he was DONE! and didn't want to do anymore!) Now he loves to just squat in front of the tree and point to all the decorations!! He's been so great (knock on wood) about not playing with the tree :)

Zach putting on the first ornament!!
Zach noticed that some of the presents have Cars wrapping paper on them, and was SO excited he brought it over just to show me, lol

Also this weekend we made Gingerbread houses at Grandma & Grandpa Magleby's house, Zach especially loved eating the cheerios after he put them on the house :)

mine & joe's houses :)

Our little vacuumer!!

So we had the carpet cleaner in the kitchen a week ago, and Zach decided he needed to vacuum up the floor :) he was so proud of himself he clapped when he was done "cleaning"

on another exciting note, this trip up we were finally able to get Grandpa to play Guitar Hero! And he LOVED it!! yea!!