Tuesday, August 28, 2012

it's been HOW long?!?

Yikes, it's been quite a while since I've posted a blog... in all of the craziness of the last 2 years it's sort of fallen to the bottom of the priority list, but I miss capturing the small things, it's sort of my journal so I'm going to try harder to keep up with it :) 

So here's our new & updated family :) 


I'm hoping this weekend to do a GIANT catch-up on the last 2 years, and then it should be a lot easier to catch up :)  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Perinatologist, 14 weeks

After our 2nd OB appt the Dr we met with wasn't convinced that I did indeed have Incompetent Cervix... this was I will admit more then deflating to my hope with this pregnancy... I had put all of my eggs in this IC basket and then to hear him say that but not have any idea based on my records what could have caused it instead then it felt like we were back to square one. He wanted us to meet with a Perinatologist and see what she had to say. It was 2 weeks away and I have to say those 2 weeks were sort of a low point for me, I was frustrated, upset and worried about how this would continue and those dang pregnancy hormones did not help AT ALL with those worries.

The day finally came when we met with the Peri and they did an ultrasound. As soon as the tech had me lay back to do the ultrasound Zach asked if she was taking the baby out of mommy's tummy, he was very concerned- it was adorable- and we reassured him the baby was going to stay in mommy's tummy for a long time. It was so fun to see the lil baby in there squirming around and having the craziest hiccups. Zach thought it was so funny to see the baby hiccuping and that was all he could talk about when you asked him about seeing the baby :) After she got all the pics & info she needed she left and we waited for the Peri to come in. She had me explain everything that happened the day Zach was born from the time I woke up until the time he was born. After I got it all out she said, while it doesn't sound like the textbook definition of Incompetent Cervix right off the bat (which is a painless dilation, and I was definitely feeling the contractions) she thinks that at the point where I felt a sharp pain -the first thing that made me call the Dr- I was already probably 5or6 cm dilated and my body was starting active labor. Trying to wrap my mind around that freaked me out, I had gotten up that morning, gotten dressed and drove to work all without knowing I was already halfway dilated!! So she told us she wanted me to get the Cerclage still and sent us on our way, and I must say that leaving her office that day it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, we were back on track and ready to go!!

around & about the house... christmas edition

Just some fun pictures from our adventures leading up to Christmas

Zach has taken up photography... any chance he can get his hands on the camera he'll take a picture of anything.... his favorite subjects are himself and Spider-Man :)

Joe's amazing Aunt Annie made us this Advent calendar and Zach would ask first thing as soon as he woke up in the morning if he could go put on a new ornament!

One night after I finished making dinner I didn't put my apron away & left it on the chair.... I turned around & found Zach had decided he wanted to wear it too!

Zach's present he made at school..... this is the bag, look very closely at who it's from, haha it made my day seeing that!! I wouldn't expect anything else from him!

Christmas Tea

For the last several years we've gone up to the Grand America Hotel with Joe's family for Christmas Tea, and it has become such a fun tradition! This year we mixed it up a little and had a girl's table and a boy's table, which was a lot of fun!! After enjoying some yummy yummy food and fantastic company Santa & Mrs Claus came and visited with every table and then read a story to the kiddo's. Afterwards they all got to sit on his lap & tell them what they wanted for Christmas and it was so fun that Zach was actually excited to do it this year! He walked right up to Santa, hopped on his lap and asked for a Camera! As always we had a fantastic time and afterwards walked around the hotel looking at the amazingly beautiful ballrooms & some pretty neat looking gingerbread houses!

Zach was feeling left out that everyone else had theur feet up so he joined in :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Lights at Temple Square

So, we have this tradition.... every year we go up to Salt Lake to look at the beautiful Christmas lights at Temple Square. This tradition began in 2004 when Joe proposed to me while we were up looking at lights at Temple Square after the Christmas Concert :) And we've gone back up there every year and managed to continue the tradition with Zach! Zach loves it (of course) and has so much fun running around yelling out all of the colors of the lights.

We were very lucky to have such a nice randomly walking by man take some GREAT pictures of us, he even positioned us nicely and up on the steps so we could get the whole Temple in the background! I love going up and seeing the lights, it seems to make the already amazingly beautiful Temple look even more beautiful!! I hope we can carry on this tradition for many many more years to come!

Christmas Decorating!

After we got back from California, we broke out the Christmas Decor & got busy!! Zach was SO excited to put the ornaments up on the tree, I think he put most of them up by himself :) He picked out a Spiderman/Green Goblin ornament this year, and has been dying to get it out of the box, so when I told him we could put it up on the tree it was a most joyous day for him!! I love that he is old enough to remember the tree from last year, and that he is SO excited to decorate it. Everyday when he sees the stockings he checks in them to see if Santa came yet :) I keep telling him that Santa wont come until Christmas which is still 2 weeks away but lets be honest, that doesnt mean anything to him!

Zach showing off his new ornament
putting the first ornament up on the tree
Zach & daddy trying to find good spots for their ornaments!
and topping it all off with the star!
ta-da! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby Magleby #2 on the way!

Well, that pretty much says it all, we're expecting Baby Magleby #2!! Our Due date is June 21, 2011 and we cannot be more excited!! We told Zach right away as soon as we found out because we figured it would take him the entire 9 months to get used to the idea... as most of you know he is extremely leary of babies... he doesn't know what to make of them especially the crying part... he has very sensitive hearing as it is, and is very emotional so when the crying goes on and on it really upsets him. We're hoping that since they baby is ours, and will be here 24/7 he will get used to it, and it won't bother him so much. He seems to be getting excited about the idea.

Down to the nitty gritty... so in hopes of not repeating what happened with Zach's premature birth we've set up a pretty good plan with my OB. He was FANTASTIC at listening to my list of things that I've researched over the last 4 years and wanted to try. He mentioned Incompetent Cervix right off the bat which I have to say was a bit of a relief... because once you know what it is you know what you can do to prevent it... not knowing is the hardest part!! So that being said here is our plan to keep this lil one in here as long as is humanly possible:

1) A Cervical Cerclage. We'll be going in a few weeks to have one placed (once finals are over!). Basically in the case of Incompetent Cervix the cervix can't hold the pressure of the growing baby and it gradually begins opening up and most of the time you don't know it until it's too late. So the purpose of the cerclage is that they sew the cervix shut and (if we make it that long!) they remove it at 37 weeks. In the event where it is placed as a preventative measure rather than a rescue measure (once you've started dilating) it has an 85-90% success rate (success is counted as making it to 37 weeks and beyond).

2) 17p (alpha hydroxyprogesterone) shots. I'll be doing these once a week from weeks 16-36. These are found to be very helpful in pregnancies after preterm births of preventing subsequent preterm births. This was the main thing that I have researched over the last 4 years as the Dr's had previously said no to Incompetent Cervix. I cant even tell you how many case studies, message boards and other websites I've researched this one to death on. I was so excited as soon as my Dr said yes before I even finished talking about it. He said that he has had a lot of good experience with it and was going to recommend it!

I'm feeling very positive about this, and have very good feelings (as well does my Dr) about this pregnancy going farther than we did with Zachary. We go in in a few weeks for an ultrasound which we are SO excited about... I suppose the one good side to a High Risk pregnancy is all the extra ultrasounds, lol. So we'll keep you posted!!