Saturday, February 13, 2010

March for Babies 2010

Dear Friends and Family

Its that time again, March for Babies 2010 is rapidly approaching!! We are going to be participating in the March up in Salt Lake this year since we are going to be in California when the Provo walk is scheduled. You are more than welcome to join us in the walk up in Salt Lake, we'd love to have you join us, or you can feel free to participate in the Provo walk, which is a lot close for most of you!!

As always we are hoping to reach our goal this year of $500 at least, we would love to earn more, and every little bit helps. you can see our page by going to and there you can donate and/or join our team!! thanks again for all your help, we know we wouldn't have the happy, healthy and thriving little guy we have today if it wasn't for the research put out by the March of Dimes!!

Last night in Europe :(

Our last day in Europe we got up and had a yummy breakfast with the family and then traveled back across the Channel Tunnel to France and decided to go back up to the Eiffel Tower for our last night. We were hoping to go up to the top, but since it was a little later in the day when we got there the line was SO long, there was no way we could have kept Zach in that line for so long, lol. So we decided to instead have a little picnic under the Tower and just enjoy the beautifulness and let Zach run around to his little heart's content :)

The sunset under the Eiffel Tower

Bye Bye Paris it was a blast!!
After taking the RER back to our hotel, we came up and saw the Eiffel Tower had lit up! so pretty!

Back to the Hotel we go!

Zach all ready for bed & watching a little Bolt before bed, he doesn't look tired at all does he ;)

This was truly a trip of a lifetime, and thank you so much Dave & Linda for giving us this amazing experience to see where this Magleby family came from

Hampton Court Palace & Hard Rock London!!

After the morning at the Tower, we took the Train out to Hampton Court Palace. Zach decided to pass some time on the train reading up on some facts about the Tower we just visited :)

First stop in the Palace was the Kitchen, Zach loved to touch all of the barrels, and pans that were out on display... i think this was his favorite part of the Palace as well :)

This is the beautiful fountain in the middle of the palace, Zach really really wanted to go out on the grass and play with the water, as you can see in the next picture down he even said please :)

The Beautiful clock that Henry VIII had put up in the clock tower, it is I think the neatest clock I've ever seen!

Zach & daddy taking a quick snack break before more exploring
I just loved this ceiling, it was so intricate and beautiful!!

All of the children of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon, so sad, so many children and only 1 that lived :(

I love the Chimneys, so pretty

Bye Bye Hampton Court, so fun!! Zach loved getting to run all over the lawn on the way out!!

After our busy day we decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. We were a little worried about how Zach would handle it since its not the quietest of places to eat, and we all know how much Zach HATES loud noises, but as you can see from this picture he LOVED it there, he had a blast!!

Well London, we had SO much fun there. I think it was my favorite place we stopped and I cant wait to go back sometime.
Joe & I decided we're going to go back there for our 10th anniversary, cant wait!!

Tower of London

In our second day in London we went of on our own for some exploring. First stop Tower of London. We were able to explore and see everything inside.

Traitor's Gate

In the White Tower we were able to see this amazing display called Henry VIII: Dressed to Kill. It was 3 floor of exhibits of the various pieces of armour and weapons that belonged to Henry VIII. Also there were these cute little armour sets that belonged to children and the pieces that the horses wore. Sadly there were no pictures allowed in there but you can see some of the stuff here :

The Crown Jewels are kept in here, we saw the line and decided against going in to see since there was lots more we wanted to get in that day!

After the Tower we enjoyed a little lunch break before catching the Train out to Hampton Court Palace.

Hello England (day 1)

Well, we arrived in England in the mid afternoon and got to our hotel and checked in, which was right across from Hyde Park, and we could see Kensington Palace from our floor of the Hotel!

After the rest of the family made it over on the Chanel Tunnel, we set off for the London Eye which was amazing, you could see so much from up there, and really got quite the panoramic view of a good chunk of London :) Zach of course loved it!
Big Ben as seen right as we came up from the tube :)
I didn't quite realize just how big the London Eye was, it was awesome!! Zach LOVED the London Eye, he thought it was so cool that he could climb up and see outside from all angles of the pod. My little daredevil in training
Westminster Abbey right behind us
Zach taking in the sights with Aunt Emily
The Group after The London Eye, minus Grandpa and Zach who headed back to the Hotel while we headed off to the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London (which is amazing!)
The Tower Bridge at night, truly beautiful!

Normandy Part 1

First to start out day of the Normandy beaches we started at Sword beach, and there were still quite a few remnants out in the waters. It was a beautiful peaceful place to see, and a wonderful way to start off the day.

Zach and Aunt Katie
Next stop was Omaha Beach and the American Cemetary, which was just such a reverant place to be, I'm so greatful to have had a chance to go there.