Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ahh... the Beach House... how we love you!

After a few days at my parents house we met up with the rest of the Magleby clan down at the Beach House in Capistrano... it was so fun to get together with everyone (some of whom we hadn't seen since Thanksgiving!) Zach went straight outside to the sand, which barefoot he was not a fan of, but once we got his water shoes on he was all for it!

The view out the sliding glass door! Beautiful!
Zach running for dear life away from the water! Look closely at his face, its priceless!! He eventually let go of Katie's hand and kept running towards the house!

Having a post nap snuggly with Aunt Emily! :)

Then Joe broke out the kite and got it all set up for Zach (it was a Bumblebee kite of course!)

Bowling with Grandpa!

We decided bowling would be a fun activity that Zach was bound to love :) Balls, knocking things over... what could be better!

Zach bowled his first Strike!! (he ended up getting 3 in the course of our 2 games!!)

He had so much fun bowling, to him the ramp was the greatest thing he's ever done!
Even Grandpa had some pretty good bowling moves (though I'm sure his back was none too pleased with those moves!)I was very impressed with Zach... he lugged that ball over to the ramp all by himself (until we were about halfway done with the 2nd game, he was pretty pooped out by then!)

And then here we have Zach with Sally again :) first thing in the morning he would hear her meowing out in the living room and come right out to find her :)
Giving Sally kisses on her ear

We had so much fun at my parent's house and we'll be back in a week but until then... off to the Beach house!!


So while we were down in California we took Zach to Disneyland for the first time... we know he would either LOVE it or HATE it (he's fun like that) but it was hard to know ahead of time how he would actually like it... turns out he LOVED it!! :) And surprisingly enough he LOVED seeing the characters, he got the biggest smiles whenever we saw one, and would give them the biggest hugs and after the trip we would ask what he did at Disneyland and he would rattle off the list of everyone he saw. As for rides, they were pretty hit and miss. The first one we did was Pirates of the Caribbean and he really liked it until the part where you go through the fog where they have a video of Davey Jones projected onto it... he pretty much lost it after that and wanted off ASAP! Afterwards we tried the Winnie the Pooh ride, Pinocchio, and the Jungle Cruise. He was still a little leery during the Winnie the Pooh ride (it was the next one we went on after Pirates). He did really like the Jungle Cruise however, especially the Hippos and the Elephant's. It was such a fun day, and it was so fun to have my parents there with us to experience this "First" with him. I feel so sad they miss being there for a lot of those "firsts" being that we're a few states a part, so it meant a lot to have them there!!

(the pictures are all backwards in order & I ran out of the patience to re-arrange them all!)

waiting for the parade to start!
Zach's first pair of Mickey ears! (of course he picked the Lightning McQueen ones!)

he had the BIGGEST hug for Goofy, it was so cute!

Of course we had to get a family picture with Eeyore! :)

Zach was SO excited to see Eeyore, he ran right up to him!

right after we came out of the Pooh ride, Zach's poor eyes were still trying to adjust to the brightness outside!

California here we come!!!

When we first got down to California and my parents house Zach fell IN LOVE with Sally (my parents cat) If Sally went into the kitchen, Zach went into the kitchen... if she somehow managed to sneak away from him he would wander the house saying "where Sally go?!?" in his saddest voice, it was pretty stinking cute. He kept wanting to pick her up and hug her, so we finally had to tell him she doesn't like that but if she is laying down you can hug her tummy and give her kisses on her ears. He was pretty happy about that, and poor Sally was SUCH a good sport, especially since we were all a little older when we got her, (I think I was in 6th grade?!) so she hasn't really had to deal with the over excited, in-your-face toddlers :)

Zach also enjoyed very much seing Grandpa Trout again!! He loves his Grandma's, but he is very much a Grandpa's boy with both Grandpa's... it's pretty funny to watch and SO cute!! :)

next up... DISNEYLAND!!!

Yay for Mom's and Haircuts!!

My WONDERFUL Mom came up a few days after we moved to help us in getting our old place cleaned out and get settled in here at the new place and we were so glad to have her here! She was a lifesaver in helping wipedown walls and fill in holes from nails! It was also nice to have a room for her to sleep in instead of having her sleep on the couch! (although our new couches are a LOT more comfortable to sleep on than the old one was!) Zach still calls the 3rd bedroom Grandma's room every time he walks by it! :)


Yay for Haircuts! I've never had pictures from Zach's haircuts before, because usually I'm trying to hold the freaking out Zach in his chair so we can TRY to get an even haircut! But he has gotten SO much better now! He is actually pretty excited and so focused on watching Cars while they are doing it that he hardly notices (as long as the girl remembers not to use the hairdryer to blow off the hair... that sends him over the edge!) My mom was able to come with us to see what a big boy he was and snap some pictures of it! :)

and YAY for Cookie Cutters, I don't care that they are in Lehi... I gladly drive there every 6 weeks because it is SO worth it for Zach to be happily occupied and end up with such a cute new 'do!

March for Babies, and Zach's Last day of school!

Well, Zach's last day on the bus was technically before his last day of school. Once we moved, we were not on the bus route anymore, so this is his last day on the bus. He was so sad that he didn't get to go on the bus the following Monday, but I think between being in a new house, and Grandma Trout staying with us, he was pleasantly distracted enough! :) He had the BEST bus driver, she was fantastic and kind of like with his Teacher, it was comforting knowing he was with someone who really cared about him! We miss her already, but hopefully we'll see her again soon!

This was Zach's last day of school. It was a bitter-sweet day. He has made SUCH unbelievable progress from his first day of school, he's hardly recognizable as the same kid. He was also so lucky that he had (hands down) THE BEST group of teachers there could possibly be. You could always tell they truly cared about him, and he talked about them constantly at home. They made the scary (for us at least) transition to starting school so much more comfortable to deal with. We're really hoping we will end up with them again next year (we wont find out till probably next month once they have figured out the new boundaries) but if not we're so glad to have had them for Zach this last year, they had the personalities that made it possible for him to grow and make him feel comfortable being with them.
The week after we moved (the one weekend between the move and our trip down to California) we did our annual March of Dimes March for Babies walk. This year we went up to the Salt Lake walk for the first time, since the Provo one was when we were in California. It was a very neat experience, definitely a LOT more people that we were used to at the Provo ones! We love being able to participate in this walk as it means SO much to our family! I've said it before and you bet I'll say it again, no matter how many walks we do or how much money we raise we could NEVER be able to pay back the research the March of Dimes has funded, many of those things saved Zach's life. We are so grateful for them and the research they do and the awareness they bring to this cause that touches our family to deeply. Every year Zach becomes more and more "normal" I guess you could say and seeing him there it's probably hard to imagine where he came from, and it just makes me so happy to be able to give back, even if it's just to walk a few miles. Being around people who truly understand what it's like, who lives through the hell of months in the NICU, you can just feel a comradory (or however you spell that!) there.

Zach with his poster we made, we were walking through looking for where his ended up and he was SO excited when he found it! :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blah! Crazyness!!

Yikes I haven't blogged in a while... there was the whirlwind of Moving, then the next weekend was the March of Dimes walk, and then we left for California for almost 2 weeks, and then we got back and have been trying to unpack, and get settled back into life ever since then!! I will (hopefully this weekend) get all caught up with our past month and then be ready to go!

We sure love our new place. Zach refers to it as the "fun house" :) Its so nice to have a place to play outside, and have a place for Zach's water table (which is a major part of his summer activities) and the playground here :) Not to mention the space we have here inside! Its so nice to be able to be in the kitchen cooking dinner, or unloading groceries, and not feel claustrophobic if Joe or Zach come in!