Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Growing Imagination!

Zach's little imagination is just exploding lately! He loves to mimic everything we do, when I go to get a pot out of the cupboard for lunch/dinner, he comes in right behind me and gets one out too and "cooks" his own dinner :) He has recently started to LOVE pushing his duck around and talking to it (he sees people walking their dogs on a daily basis past out house) and anything that he can pretend play with, eh will. Its so fun to watch this creativity grow in him, and it is so exciting to see him doing age appropriate developmental things finally!! It makes every new thing he does twice as exciting to watch!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving!

On Saturday night we carved our pumpkins! Zach was excited (at first) to have his own pumpkin, and loved to "scoop" his out. It was such fun, i tried to get him to put his hand in it, but he was NOT having any of that!! We got all 3 of our Jack-O-Lanterns done, and they turned out SO cute!!

Joe's AWESOME Tigger Jack-O-Lantern!

Then later that night we went out for a walk, enjoying the nice weather we are having!! i love Fall!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Conduct With Me..."

So Zach has this Little Einsteins Baton that he just loves, and he will carry it around and conduct his music, all very lovely. Well tonight he had it in the kitchen while he was helping Joe unload the dishwasher and I remember him coming back out to the living room and asked him where his baton was, and had Joe check the dishwasher to make sure Zach hadn't put it in there.... it wasn't in there. So I figured he put it somewhere and promptly forgot about it....

Well cut to just now, Joe came back inside from having taken the trash out and was holding Zach's Einsteins baton.. and I just started laughing and asked how he saw it in the trash bag? He laughed and said he threw the bag into the dumpster and clear as day heard it ring "Conduct with me!!" and light up, lol. So luckily the dumpster was pretty full and he was able to grab the bag and riffle through it until he found the thing.

It really makes me wonder what we don't find that has ended up in the dumpster...

How to Eat Corn :)

How to Eat Corn by Zachary Magleby :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

So today I realized, holy cow its the 18th of October!! We need a pumpkin!! So after Zach woke up from his nap we headed over to the Pumpkin Patch, and he LOVED riding inthe wagon while we looked for pumpkins, and he loved touching every pumpkin, he kept trying to pick them up at first but then gave up and went off to push the wagon! All in all it went great until I went to take his picture with the Giant pumpkin display (like I did last year) buthe was NOT a fan of that!! So I snapped a quick crying one just to have one!

So here is his picture from last year and then this year! (I cant believe how much he has grown since then!)

and then some other pics from the pumpkin patch!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Snow!

On Sunday we woke up to our first snowfall of the year! (yikes!) Not a lot stuck, and it melted by about noon, but it was there! So we took Zach out to "play" in it and see how he liked it, since he's never been out in the snow before (its his first winter where he isn't on oxygen). Turns out, he LOVED it!! He kept wanting to hold more, but he would just drop it and watch it melt :) He was quite upset when we came inside, and kept pointing out the window at it saying more, more, go go!! lol. Isn't he lucky we're in Utah where there will be lots more snow to come! So here's a video of him playing in his fun Snow :)

Also, yesterday and today I've been doing some deep cleaning (yea!) Sadly its stuff that when you look, you cant really see the difference (at least i cant!) I pulled down all of the pictures off the walls in the living room and washed all the walls from top to bottom, and holy cow that was quite the workout! I was still feeling it when I went to bed last night, lol. Up and down on and off the chair, lol. Also we pulled everything off the DVD & bookshelves and pledged & dusted all kinds of fun stuff!! (I say we because Zach was quite the helper!) Today Zach helped me wash the walls in the dining room and now that he's down from his nap I'm gonna try and tackle the mess on the kitchen table (sorting bills, and other mail & junk....oh joy!)

And we cant wait for Halloween to get here!! Today I decorated & put up all of the Halloween decorations! And we finally figured out what Zach is going to be for Halloween!! Tigger! (which made Joe happy since that was what Joe has wanted him to be the whole time!) Originally we were thinking Cookie Monster since he is such a pro at saying COO-KIEEEE, lol. But then we went to get it, not in the store, so we went to order it online, out of his size. So then we found this cute Lil devil costume, and I waited too long to order it I guess because I went back to buy it and it was sold out :( So we found a tigger costume in his size, and SOLD bought it right away, lol. :) And I'm SOO excited we're going to take Zach with our friends the Jones' to do this children's Trick or Treating they do in Springville up main street while its still light outside, which sounds SO fun!!

So I think that's it!! (for now at least!!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Zach Sweeping :)

Zach has become quite the adorable little mimicer these days!! On Tuesday I did a deep clean in his room, and i had left the Swiffer Duster thing on his dresser while I was putting the books back on his bookshelf, and left the room for a minute and came back to see him dusting the shelves like I jsut had been :) It was the cutest thing ever!!

Then tonight he decided he wanted to sweep the kitchen floor! :) He is jsut too cute for words!! I absolutely love this age with him!! He is so funny to watch!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Father & Son Bonding!

So I came home from the gym today to see the cutest sight of Father & Son bonding right when I opened the door!! I have the cutest boys ever!!

Also, can you see how red Zach's hair looks in the first picture!!! He definately had his daddy's hair!

Its that time of year again!!

Well, since its October, its officially THAT time of year again, the time that i have come to dread... ugh.. :) That time being RSV/cold & flu season. Luckily for us this year Zach is 1 year older, and that much bigger. However this is his first season without the help of Oxygen and his RSV/Synagis shots he had been getting the last 2 years. So we don't really know how he is going to react to getting sick (and to be perfectly honest I have no desire to find out).

So we are basically going to have the same rules/guidelines we have had in place sine he came home

1. If you want to come over (or for us to come visit you) you need to get a Flu Shot... its not a request its a fact :) We love you all, but not enough to let you get him sick :)

2. If you are sick, think you might be sick, have been around someone who was sick in the last couple days, have a runny nose, or even if you think it *might* be allergies please stay away :) Don't come over, (even for a quick visit) until it goes away.

Really its just those 2 things, it might sound a little crazy overboard, but I have no desire to spend another night in the hospital if it can be prevented, and I cant bear the thought of having to see another oxygen tank in Zach's room :) I know he probably will get sick at least once, it happens, but again, I'm not going to let it happen if it can be prevented :)

So thanks in advance to everyone for getting your flu shots and keeping yourselves healthy healthy healthy :) We're looking forward to a calm (hospital free!) winter!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back and Forth

Zach has had a fun time practicing his "running" skills back and forth from the front of the hall to the middle of the living room and back again :) here's a cute video of it :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008


So I was lookinng through some old pictures of me the other day and looked at one particular pictue and couldn't believe that Zach looks a LOT like I did when I was his age!! here's a couple :)

Also, in exciting talking news, Zach is now putting a few words together!! He will say "ooohhh yeahh!! " and "oh no!" and "go car" which is SO exciting!! He has also started to say please, more which he has previously been signing, but he is now saying the words either instead of signing or while he is signing it :) yea!!