Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Lights at Temple Square

So, we have this tradition.... every year we go up to Salt Lake to look at the beautiful Christmas lights at Temple Square. This tradition began in 2004 when Joe proposed to me while we were up looking at lights at Temple Square after the Christmas Concert :) And we've gone back up there every year and managed to continue the tradition with Zach! Zach loves it (of course) and has so much fun running around yelling out all of the colors of the lights.

We were very lucky to have such a nice randomly walking by man take some GREAT pictures of us, he even positioned us nicely and up on the steps so we could get the whole Temple in the background! I love going up and seeing the lights, it seems to make the already amazingly beautiful Temple look even more beautiful!! I hope we can carry on this tradition for many many more years to come!

Christmas Decorating!

After we got back from California, we broke out the Christmas Decor & got busy!! Zach was SO excited to put the ornaments up on the tree, I think he put most of them up by himself :) He picked out a Spiderman/Green Goblin ornament this year, and has been dying to get it out of the box, so when I told him we could put it up on the tree it was a most joyous day for him!! I love that he is old enough to remember the tree from last year, and that he is SO excited to decorate it. Everyday when he sees the stockings he checks in them to see if Santa came yet :) I keep telling him that Santa wont come until Christmas which is still 2 weeks away but lets be honest, that doesnt mean anything to him!

Zach showing off his new ornament
putting the first ornament up on the tree
Zach & daddy trying to find good spots for their ornaments!
and topping it all off with the star!
ta-da! Merry Christmas!