Saturday, August 14, 2010


On Zach's birthday his cousin Anderson was born (to Stephen & Lacie) He is the cutest little boy & looks just like his daddy!
(Picture courtesy of Lacie's blog!)
So last weekend was his blessing, it was such a fun occasion to get together to celebrate, and while there we decided to get the grandbabies (who were there, we missed you Reighlynn) together for a picture! Zach, not being a fan of babies in general, was not too keen on the idea until I told him he could get a sprinkle doughnut on the way home. After that he promptly laid right down!
I'll have to add some more pictures later after I get them from my mom! She took all the pictures, including a super cute one of Zach giving Anderson a kiss! :)

Family Reunion... Sort of!

Last weekend we drove down to Richfield/Monroe for a Magleby family Reunion on Monroe Mountain. We drove down Friday afternoon and got to the Hotel in time to get ready for some swimming with Grandpa Magleby. We got down to the pool and Zach wanted NOTHING to do with it, so back up to our room we went, and settled for some daddy/zach wrestling matches :) Zach had a blast, until it was time to calm down & go to bed!

Then Saturday morning we woke up, got some breakfast, checked out of the hotel and it started raining... we looked at the mountain we were supposed to drive up, and it was covered by a huge raincloud...the whole mountain. Not to mention the lightning that was flashing on the mountain as well... So we decided we weren't going to head up... no need to risk getting stuck on the muddy road, or getting struck by lightning. So instead we drove into Monroe, and Dave showed us all of the family houses and buildings that are amazingly still up. We saw the store that Hans O. Magleby built (Joe's Great Great Great Grandfather, who came over from Denmark) and his house as well as a lot of other family houses, the old Relief Society building & some other fun landmarks.

Hans O's House
Us in front of Hans O's store
The old store
Afterwards we stopped by the Cemetery and saw where Hans O, his wives & children were buried, along with a lot of other Magleby family members.

Zach & Joe with Hans O's graveside

All in all I think the tour of Monroe was actually just as much fun if not more fun than going up on the mountain. It was so neat to see where everyone came from and all of the family history that is still down there!


For Katie's Birthday we went up to Sundance and had a yummy meal at the Foundry Grill, and then strolled around outside anjoying the beautiful scenery up there. We really need to go up there more often, its so close there really is no reason not to!

Happy Birthday Aunt Katie!!

Zach & Grandma playing Cars while we waited for our food

Zach & Grandpa counting how many cars there are

me & joe :)

had to get a family photo!

Zach's 4th Birthday

Well, my baby turned 4... it sure doesn't feel like 4 years has passed since he was born, but I have to say every year I am more and more grateful that it is this year rather than the day he was born. He has come such a long way from those early scary days, and with every passing day I think i forget a little more and a little more just how scary it was, and only remember how great he is now. He is the best little boy any parents could ask for. So loving, and happy, and genuinely worried for people when they are sad. He is a good listener, so fun & outgoing, and becoming quite a funny person. He has the cutest personality and now that he is talking so much you can really see it coming out, and he says just the funniest things. He brings such a joy to our lives, and I just cant even begin to think of what our lives would be like without him.
Enjoying a yummy birthday breakfast of French Toast & Banana's
Opening up his birthday card's from great grandma grandpa trout & great great grandma herran!
For his Birthday day we made some cupcakes and took them to our favorite nurses at the NICU!! I am so mad I didn't get any pictures while we were there! But they were SO excited to see us, especially Zach and see how great he looked, how well he is talking and just generally how healthy he is now!! We are so grateful for these nurses and doctors... not a holiday, birthday or general milestone Zach achieves goes by without me thinking of them... without them Zach wouldn't be here today.

Afterwards we went to go see Despicable Me... Zach has been asking and asking and asking to see this since he first saw the previews, and it was SUCH a cute movie!! Then we went out to Brick Oven for some yummy dinner! Zach enjoyed his yummy pizza and they even sang Happy Birthday to him, and brought him a ice cream sundae with a sucker in it!
Then on the way home we stopped by Toys R Us so he could pick out something fun with his birthday money he got from Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Trout and Great Great Grandma Herran! He picked out this Iron Man 3 pack he has had his eye on the last few times we've stopped by.. he was in HEAVEN!

Zach's 4th Birthday Party: TRANSFORMERS!!

For Zach's Birthday this year he decided he wanted to have a Transformers party... I thought for sure it would have changed to Toy Story, or How to Train Your Dragon or one of the other fun movies that came out this year, but NO Transformers it was!! So we had a fun party on Pioneer day, which happened to be the closest Saturday to his Birthday. We had a blast seeing friends, and watching the kids play in the water!

The Birthday Boy!! I can't believe my baby is 4!!
Getting things set up!
putting the finishing touches on Optimus Prime :)
Optimus from the front
and from the side... Not my best cake, but Zach loved it!!
Zach & Uncle Ben... can you tell Zach was saying cheese!

the kiddos table for lunch :)
As soon as Zach saw his Auny Emily he went right up to her and gave her a big hug and took her hand and they walked off together, it was so cute!!
Aunt Katie helping Zach be brave enough to get close to the sprinkler & dump some water on it!
trying on his new Iron Man mask!
Aunt Annie, Katie, Zach & Grandma Kay
Zach blowing out his candles (with some help from mommy)
trying out his new Harley :)
Zach & Kaylin squeezing in a little bit more playtime before it was time to clean-up!
As soon as we got home Zach put on his mask & said "I AM IRON MAN!!"

4th of July Weekend!!

As has become our yearly tradition on the 4th of July we went to the parade in Provo with the Magleby's and JT & Kasaundra & the twins came with us too. It was so much fun as always!!

It was so much fun the the 4th was over the weekend this year because it seemed like all the fun festivities were spread out!

On Saturday the 3rd we went up on the Kimball Tower with Joe's family and watched the Stadium of Fire Fireworks, this was Zach's 1st year going up there and he loved it!!

The on Monday the 5th was the Parade. This year we brought some of those little poppers, thinking Zach would like them, and if not then Joe would definitely have fun with them!! As it turned out, Zach LOVED them!!
me & joe :)
Annie, Linda & baby Delilah!
Uncle Dan making sure the loud sirens don't hurt Zach's ears!

"It's a MUSTANG!!!!" Zach was very excited there were so many Mustang's in the Parade!
Mommy & Zach

After the Parade we went over to Dave & Linda's house for some yummy lunch and Zach's favorite pool time!! looks like he picked yet another water fight with daddy.... uh-oh!