Monday, June 29, 2009

Copenhagen Walking Tour & Tivoli Gardens

Ahh the sign of a busy day before, and a good night's sleep!!

We took a walking Tour of Copenhagen, guided by none other than Hans Christensen Andersen (well, not really he's dead, lol. But the guy wore a lovely purple coat :) It was really neat to hear the stories of the city, and the old buildings. We were even able to find the street where Joe's great great great grandfather was apprenticed.

Anyone who has been to a LDS Temple visitor center might recognize this statue. This is the original, it was so exciting to see :)

After Zach got a good nap, we went up to Tivoli Gardens, which happens to be the place that inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland. It was really neat to be there, Zach loved running around the gavel pathways, and throwing his rocks around :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

First days in Denmark!

Yes, I'm finally getting around to doing our vacation blogs!! hooray!!

So, first stop on the trip was in Denmark, we stayed in this awesome hotel in Copenhagen, on Nyhaven Street, which was beautiful! The first day we were just did a little wandering around, seeing what there was
Day 2 Zach (still not quite figured out the time difference) got up at 4 am, which was actually pretty bright outside, so he got to watch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in Danish that morning, lol. Even with the obvious language difference, he seemed to enjoy it a lot :)
After breakfast we decided to go to the Fredericksborg Castle, which was amazing absolutely beautiful!
Inside the castle are a display of Carl Bloch paintings which were just amazing to see, this one being my favorite
After we saw the inside of the Castle, we headed out to the Gardens, which were equally as beautiful as the Castle itself. Zach really enjoyed running around, & picking up the gravel from the roads :)