Friday, July 23, 2010

hangin out around & about

Just some fun pictures from our adventures hanging out in riverside!

great grandma trout & delilah
jt & nathan doing what they do best... guitar hero
enjoying some snuggly time with a super cute sleeping porter... i love this kiddo :)
since jt&kasaundra slept at her parents house and nathan&katie slept at her parents house it was just us and stephen&lacie at my parents house and it was so fun! It was a great chance for us to get some time together and anjoy a few things such a rousing game of monopoly... and learning that when you really want a cheeseburger, you call cheesecake factory ;)
jt & delilah
zach LOVING being thrown up by uncle jt
stephen & lacie chillin on the couch, enjoying the madness around us :)
zach was being so silly, and this one turned out so cute with his great-grandma & great-grandpa trout smiling at him :)
also, while we were down there (the night before we left to come home) katie had her little girl, Reighlynn and we were able to swing by the hospital and meet her before we left to go home!

It was such a fun vacation, and such a fun way to celebrate our time together.

Big 'ol family breakfast!

Saturday morning we all got together and met up with Grandma & Grandpa Trout and went out to breakfast! :) A great time was had by all! :)

dad with porter & delilah
zachy maggy

me & joe

grandma & grandpa trout

jt & kasaundra

nathan & katie
stephen & lacie

stephen & porter :)

10 years?!?!?

While we were down in Riverside we planned a dinner get together with most of our old gang, some of us haven't seen each other since graduation (1o years ago! gasp!). It was really fun to catch up and see what everyone is up to now, and even more strange that almost all of us have kids now! Even more fun was that we just picked up where we left off, like it hasn't been forever! Hopefully we can all get together again before another 10 years passes!

such fun times! Some of the funnest experiences of my life were with these people :) We sure missed the ones who couldn't be there! Hopefully next time!!

Hello Trout's!! :)

After our vacation at the Beach House we headed back over to my parents house where ALL of my brothers and their families were also coming into town!! It was so fun to see everyone (since both Stephen and Nathan have been gone in boot camp and then their advanced training since the end of last year/begining of this year!) It was fun to get together, play with the kiddos & enjoy some yummy food!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bye Bye Magleby's... :(

Unfortunately all fun vacations must come to an end. We had such a fun week, loved spending time with people we don't get to see all that often, and made lots of fun memories!

See you later Magleby's! Can't wait till we're all together again!

2 Grandma's and 2 Grandpa's!!!!!

One night when we were at the beach house, my parents came over for dinner. Zach was so excited once he realized what was going on and yelled out so excitedly "2 Grandma's and 2 Grandpa's!!!" It was so cute, and so fun to have my parents over with my in-laws! I'm so grateful both our families get a long like long lost friends who've known each other for years and we can spend time together with both of them! :) Love all of you!!

Gettin' some sun!!

Oh the beach.... it never gets old, you can never get sick of it... its just amazing!

Zach (as always) was Grandpa's little shadow. In this particular moment he was helping Grandpa get the chairs set-up for the bonfire :)

Zach really liked getting the sand wet... I'm sure it was just fantastic for his sensory issues to play with the wet sand vs the dry sand, he loved it!

So cute Grandma & Grandpa :)

Beach house, we loved you! We can't wait till we can all get together again!!